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  • Residence 9 is a new window system designed to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash Timber Window

    It can be considered for use in Conservation areas due to it’s authentic appearance.  This authentic design is also appealing to any homeowner who wants a top end luxury window brand.  R9 can accomodate 28mm double or 44mm triple glazing with market leading thermal and acoustic performance.  They have achieved one of the highest classifications on weather test due to its robust design.  It is hand finished and made by craftsmen.

    Residence 9 is manufactured from a modern composite material to give a virtually maintenance free finish.  Only available in heritage colours, the “easy clean rebates” are also foiled in the same finish, which means that the high end maintenance free appearance is maintained when the window is open.  Residence 9 is truly a luxury, top end window system and can also be incorporated into conservatories and sunrooms from the Eclectic Brand which is renowned for its Boutique Window Systems.  Beautiful French and Residential Doors are also available.

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    With your Residence 9 window, you can specify traditional Butt Hinges to maintain original features.  Modern windows often lack this character as the hinges are hidden.  The authentic ironmongery is crucial to maintaining an authentic kerbside appearance.


    Old timber windows often had a raised moulding that ran horizontally across the transom.  This bar looked distinctive and gave the window depth and character.  Its function was to shed dripping water and increase the strength.  That’s why we recreated the feature with Residence 9.


    You can personalise your Residence 9 windows with a choice of handles.  The Monkeytail and Pearldrop designs were  popular designs of the period.  If your room is more contemporary you can also specify more modern finishes like Chrome, Brass or a Gorgeous Pewter Patina.

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    In the 19th Century the window designs had a flush sash.  The first photograph shows the Residence 9 Flush Sash appearance from the outside.  Note the traditional Butt Joints where the sections are joined.  This can only be achieved with Craftsmen and not with automated machinery and this technology is unique to Residence 9.


    Period homes often had bay windows.  There were grand entrances to the front and garden rooms to the rear.  You can authentically recreate these cornerposts and joints with your Residence 9 installation.  If your house is from the 1930’s then we can recreate your period bay windows.  The detailing is authentic.


    The bespoke sections are hand applied by Craftsmen to create the traditional Georgian Latticework found in period townhouses.  The mouldings exactly replicate the deep decorative detailing inside and the chamfered putty line outside.

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Far from limit you in terms of colour choice, Residence 9 is available in 42 colour variants, so if Cotswold Green on Grained white best suits your home, you can have it!  You can tailor internal colour by room decor.  Period styling can be further customised by handle colour.

The 17th Century windows were Oak and left unpainted.  19th Century windows however were always painted.  Staining was not a traditional finish.  Residence 9 is available in a choice of oak finishes and traditional paint colours.  The “Grained White” is really popular but if it is too crisp, try the “Clotted Cream” or unique “Cotswold Biscuit” finish.  Recent additions of Painswick and Corse Lawn are absolutely stunning or why not take a look at the Elegant new additions of Golden Oak and Rosewood.  Our sales staff will be happy to advise on which colours would compliment your home best.


Every Residence 9 window is made bespoke to your requirements.  You can customise everything including the style, colour and hardware.  Every window is different.  A skilled craftsman will manufacture your window, to your sizes and specification.  The Residence 9 mechanical joints require finesse and attention and can only be executed with hand finishing by individuals who are masters of their trade.  Only by replacing mass production  machinery with craftsmen can you achieve the traditional jointing features which stand Residence 9 apart from the modern mitred alternatives.


The design brief for R9 was to extract the key design principles, shapes and dimensions from the Article 4 Conservation guidelines for windows and integrate market leading technology into the design using virtually maintenance free materials.  Residence 9 is thermally and acoustically brilliant.  If features latest security innovations, easy clean features and yet looks like the original.  And it won’t warp, swell, flake or need sanding or painting.

    • 9 Chamber Design

      The frame design is reverse engineered to meet current and future standards.  Normal window frames have 3, 5 or sometimes 6 chambers and are usually 70mm up to 82mm wide.  Residence 9 has 9 chambers and is 100mm.  So you can see how R9 achieves market leading performance.  Quite simply, when it comes to windows, bigger is stronger and performs better.

    • Glass Bonding

      The mechanically jointed sashes on Residence 9 are “glass bonded”.  The best windows in Europe are glass bonded and many of the World’s most famous modern Skyscrapers utilise glass bonding technology.  With the glass bonded to the sash and with the bead on the inside , it makes removal of the glass by a burglar very difficult.  Glass bonding also strengthens the sash so it can resist racking forces which notoriously lead to the sash being difficult to open and close.

    • Lock & Hinge Retention

      Residence 9 is made to CEN A wall thicknesses.  This is the thickest classification in Europe.  Together with localised design details and further high screw retention reinforcements, the R9 is able to hold the best locks and hinges firmly into position.  The weight of triple glazing is significant so the design has been reverse engineered to accommodate it.  Residence 9 features geometry to accommodate the larger hinges that are stronger and can take more weight.

    • Residence 9 Glass Bonded

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  • Residence 9: Double and Triple Glaze Unit Window Energy Performance


Residence 9 Energy Rating W015_008 Wright Window Systems Energy Rating Chart_A3


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