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With 35 years experience your home is in safe hands with us!

What We Do

  • ‘A’ rated as standard – casement only.
  • Multi chamber uPVC profile.
  • Multi point locking system as standard.
  • Wide range of colours available.
  • 70mm frame profile as standard.
  • Wide range of style and opening configurations available.
  • Energy saving glazing – double or triple glaze units.
  • Fully guaranteed.

‘A’-Rated Windows

Make your home warmer, more environmentally friendly and save money on your energy bills.
Over 20% of heat loss in the home occurs through old or outdated windows and doors, resulting in expensive home heating bills.  Choosing the correct frames and glazing will not only make your home warmer and cosier but could reduce your heating costs by
up to 40%!


All of the windows which we supply are designed with a number of internal chambers within the profile system.
Each chamfer acts as a barrier against heat loss from inside the home and against cold air from entering from outside; ensuring excellent thermal efficiency from the outset.


Our energy efficient glazing units feature softcoat glass as standard, which maximises heat gain by retaining interior warmth and absorbing solar energy from outside.  ‘Warm Edge’ spacer bars connect the glazing panes, helping to eliminate cold areas within the unit and reducing condensation.

Keeping Your Home and Family Safe & Secure

Tough, robust and durable.  All frames are fully welded for a strong and secure overall frame structure, and greater consistency of finish.
All of our windows are internally glazed for extra security.  This means that the glazing bead faces the interior of the home and therefore cannot be removed from outside the house; keeping your glazing unit safely and securely in place.  For additional security and safety glazing options, glass can be specified as toughened or laminated.


Safety and security is of the utmost importance, that is why we only supply windows with the highest performance multi-point locking systems.
Additional locking features available include:

  • Shootbolts – bolts shoot out from the top and bottom of the locking system and slot securely into keeps located on the outer frame.
  • Hooklocks – hooks situated at the top and bottom of the locking system slot securely into keeps located in the outer frame.
  • Trojan Hinge – fitted to casement windows, these heavy duty hinges are designed to offer extra strength and security.  Ideal for triple glaze applications.
  • Restrictor Hinge – restrictors activate when the sash is opened and can be release manually from inside.  They allow the window to open to 50mm allowing the provision of ventilation without compromising on security or child safety.

Available Styles

Whether a new build or replacement we have a wide variety of window styles and colours available to suit your taste and budget.

Casement Window (side hung)
Sample available to view in our showroom.

Tilt & Turn Window
Sample available to view in our showroom.

Mini French Window
Sample available to view in our showroom.

Sliding Sash Window
Sample available to view in our showroom.

Residence 9 Window.
Sample available to view in our showroom.

Angled Frames



Click image to download.


uPVC Sliding Sash Windows
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Residence 9 is a window and door system designed to authentically replicate 19th century timber designs.
A fusion of classical aesthetics with modern materials.
Click image to download.

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